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Boreas Gas Analyzer


The Boreas gas analyzer is a pre-calibrated full-spectrum infrared based optimized for quality control of specialty gases (mono- and polyblends). It includes an e-Cell gas measurement modules with pathlengths ranging from 1.2 to 3.2 meters and improved transfer optics for lower LoDs.The entire assembly is available either in 19 rack form factor for easy integration in an existing cabinet, or as a bench top analyzer for laboratory use.



Specifically designed for integration with an EPIR spectrometer, this product allows improved analytical performance for EPIR gas phase analysis by means of sample physical conditioning and temperature and pressure monitoring.The resulting integrated product can easily be placed in a standard 19 rack cabinet for ready use.



Sample Conditioning

       3 gas input ports (zero, span and sample).

       Sample temperature stabilization optimized for measurement at 60C.

       Computer controlled 3-way valves for operation in positive pressure conditions.

Gas Cell

       Temperature Controlled Gas Cell (pathlengths 1.2; 2.0; 3.2; and 4.0 m) with built-in transfer optics and IR source.

Temperature and Pressure

       Temperature and Pressure sensors.

Data I/O

       Built-in 10-bit computer to control all sub-assemblies

       Single ethernet I/O for all controls and data acquisition to an external computer.


       Valve and pump control; sample compartment temperature setting and regulation

       Pre-loaded calibrations + upgrades to custom calibrations available

Boreas Gas Analyzer  -  19 Rack Form Factor

Improved e-Cell   -  available in pathlengths from 1.2 to 3.2 m

New Transfer Optics  -  Energy Throughput Improvement


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