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Honey and Maple Syrup Analysis

Anyone in the honey industry; small bee keepers, distributors, governmental agencies and large food companies are aware of the problem of adulteration with low cost syrups. Syrups such as cane, corn, inverted beet, tapioca and rice are very difficult to detect in honey. Expensive instrumentation and complicated analysis by well-trained specialists are required to find these adulterants.  The vIRtuous Honey Analyzer incorporates easy-to-use software and heated sampling interface calibrated to differentiate these syrups.  Analysis consists of applying one drop of sample onto the sampling well and clicking the “Analyze” button. In order to discourage the business of adulterating honey, distributors, large consumers (retailers and food companies) and governmental agencies need to routinely test honey for purity.  Choosing not to test the honey leaves the market open to the unscrupulous suppliers.  By testing honey, suspect suppliers can be identified and reported, while honest suppliers can be accredited.  Adulteration can now be discouraged or eliminated if the industry is willing to self-police.



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