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October 2010 - Polarmetrics provides WEBinar series regarding operation and detection of adulterations in honey.


August 2010 - Polarmetrics releases the vIRtuous liquid analyzer with complete calibrations for rapidly detecting adulterations in pure honey, maple syrup and olive oils. Economically motivated adulteration has become a huge problem in the above industries, until now there has not been an easy or rapid means to detect for purposely added dilutions in products (see more under products / virtuous)


July 2010 - Polarmetrics releases the vIRtuous analyzer for the rapid determination of total trans fat in oils and fats.  This analyzer which completely complies with the latest FDA/AOCS approved testing method reduces analysis time to less then 5 minutes compared to the older GC method which typically took over 60 minutes to produce a result and also required a very skilled operator.  (see more under Applications / Trans fat)


March 2010 - Polarmetrics releases an ultra low volume long path length heated FTIR gas cell accessory.  This accessory is the smallest long-path heated gas cell accessory on the market today.  (see more under products / ZephIR)






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