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vIRtuous Analyzer

Products that are accurately calibrated and easy to use are in high demand: Polarmetrics offers simple solutions to ensure product quality.  With FTIR technology at the core of the vIRtuous Analyzer, quick, accurate, and precise results are guaranteed. Ingredient levels or product purity is verified. A starter calibration, temperature stabilized sampling area, and push-button software is provided in the small, portable vIRtuous Analyzer. Full Description

The ZephIR Heated Gas Cell is designed for extreme accuracy in quantitative gas analysis.  The actual gas temperature is precisely measured: with other heated cells, the gas cell temperature is known but the temperature of the gas passing through the cell is undetermined. This compact accessory fits most commercially available FTIR spectrometers.  Temperatures can be set from ambient to 200C.  Cell pathlengths can be specified between 1.2, 2.4 and 3.2 meters for low level gas detection. Full Description

ZephIR FTIR Gas Cell Analyzer
Boreas Gas Analyzer

The Boreas Gas Analyzer is a pre-calibrated analyzer for measuring impurities or blends of gases.  This unit is based on rugged and field proven EP-IR spectroscopy technology and is complete with software and calibrations.  Gases can be measured from PPM or as percentages.  Unlike NDIR technology, this unit is configurable to measure a variety of gases for many unique applications. Full Description

Polarmetrics can provide custom designed products, software, calibrations and training services.  Polarmetrics staff has over 80 years of combined experience in applying spectroscopy methods, design, and sampling techniques.  Complete analyzers can be designed from concept or current products enhanced with accessories or services.  Full Description

Custom Products

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