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Polarmetrics offers simple solutions to ensue product quality. With the real-time multicomponent EP-IR spectroscopy at the core of the analyzer, quick, accurate, and precise results are guaranteed with each analysis. The uniquely designed Boreas Gas Analyzer is fully integrated with sample conditioning, temperature, and pressure monitoring for improved analytical performance and can be placed into any standard 19” rack cabinet for ready use.


Polarmetrics offers built-in manual or software controlled valve switching with easy-to-use software for the quick QA/QC of your gases, thus allowing you to push more quality product without having to wait for your analytical results.



Application Notes

Boreas EPIR - Chemical Species Detected

Boreas EPIR - Hydrocarbon Sensitivity

EPIR Selectivity nC4iC4nC5iC5

CO2 CO Linearity



Boreas Gas Analyzer Brochure

Boreas Product Data Sheet


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