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 Trans Fat Analysis



In 2010 the AOCS released the new official measurement method (Cd 14e-09) for determination of total isolated trans fat replacing the tedious and time consuming GC method (Ce 1h-05) for both low and high levels of trans fat measurements. The Polarmetrics vIRtuous Trans Fat Analyzer provides rapid determination of isolated trans fat in oil and fat products and is engineered to fully comply with AOCS Cd-14e-09. With a preloaded trans fat calibration analyzing oils is as easy as placing a sample on the heated ATR and pushing a button. Preset calibrations save time and frustration associated with complicated calibration development. The vIRtuous eliminates the time, preparation and high cost associated with gas chromatography.  The vIRtuous analyzer also eliminates the need for consumables which saves both money and instrument down time.  The analyzer comes pre-calibrated from 0 – 20% trans, has a MDL of < 0.25 wt% and comes with three sets of certified reference standards.


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