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zephir © Heated FT-IR Gas Cell

The zephir © heated FT-IR gas cell is an integrated accessory designed to include all

sample conditioning elements required for optimization of accuracy, precision, repeatability

and accuracy of FTIR gas analysis in a compact form factor that fits in the sample

compartment of most any standard laboratory FT-IR spectrometer. The accessory also features a

long pathlength (1.2; 2.4; or 3.2 meter – user-selected) small volume (100 mL) gas cell

with optimized longitudinal gas flow characteristic allowing for purge volumes less than

twice (2x) that of the gas cell volume itself; A flow rate of 110Nl/h (1,833 CCM)

corresponds to a T99 of only 7 seconds.


The patented design of the zephir © heated FT-IR gas cell enables:

  • Improved accuracy / precision

  • Improved repeatability

  • Improved reproducibility

  • Improved ease-of-use

  • Reduced form factor, and reduced cost of operations


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